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How to use Net Present Value (NPV) and Return On Investment (ROI)【Excel Template】

For an investmnt analysis, using ROI% is famous, but also use Payout Time and Cumulative NPV (Net Present Value) as well...
Data Analysis

Learning Multiple Regression Analysis with an SEO Example【Regression Analysis Series 3】

This article explains Multiple Regression Analysis using my SEO activities as example and a Dummy Variable for Qualitati...
Data Analysis

Simple Regression Analysis Interpretation (Excel Data Analysis Tools)【Regression Analysis Series 2】

This post explains how to interpret results of Simple Regression Analysis using Excel Data Analysis Tools. You'll learn ...
Data Analysis

Simple Regression Analysis by Scatter Plot in Excel【Regression Analysis Series 1】

This post shows the basics of Regression Analysis, explains its confusing terms, and how to use a Scatter Plot for a Sim...
Data Analysis

Control Chart Types: You’ll understand Xbar, c, u, p, np with this!

The type of your data will decide what type of Control Chart you should use. The Control Chart Quick Reference Table giv...
Microsoft PowerApps

PowerApps Studio Screen Tutorial

This article explains PowerApps Studio's screen sections and offers some visual aids and tips on using them, so you can ...
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Capacity Planning Definition. Let’s discuss its essence.

Capacity Planning is the process of determining the company resources needed by an organization to meet changing demands...
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