Microsoft PowerApps

PowerApps: Let’s make an actual app!【Process Improvement Innovation】

This article shows making a simple app using PowerApps from preparing the source data, making your own app, and using it...
Microsoft PowerApps

What’s ‘PowerApps’? Will it become mainstream in Process Improvement?

PowerApps is a software program with which you can develop mobile apps without typing code and complete a program in a s...
Toyota Production System (Lean Manufacturing)

How to write a Standardized Work Chart that Toyota created【Excel Template】

Toyota has various famous tools and methods such as the ‘Kanban System’, ‘One Piece Flow’, etc. They cascade those effec...
PC / Excel Technique

Excel’s Conditional Formatting and Multiple Conditions【Excel Skill】

A situation where it's easy to find the best next actions is called 'Actionable'. You can make your data analysis action...
Toyota Production System (Lean Manufacturing)

Basics of Takt Time and how to use it in actual operations【Toyota Production System】

This article is about the basics of Toyota's Takt Time and how to use it in actual operations. It explains how it’s used...
4. Templates Used in Improve Phase

Process FMEA (Failure Mode and Effects Analysis)【Excel Template】

This article is about Process FMEA (Failure Modes and Effects Analysis). It explains what FMEA is and how to conduct it ...
Other Business Skill

How to Conduct a Job Analysis and Make a Job Description【Excel Template】

This article is about how to make a job description. Because it’s necessary to know your target position’s job content, ...
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