Microsoft PowerApps

【PowerApps】How to use a Drop down Control and the difference from a Combo box (Distinct, Sort Functions)

This article is about Microsoft PoweApps' 'Drop-down' control and the differences from a 'Combo box' control. The Distinct and Sort functions are often used with the Drop down control.  I'll explain those functions too.
Microsoft PowerApps

Free PowerApps Community Plan and my PowerApps video direction

This article shows Mike Negami's PowerApps video direction from now on and how to use PowerApps for free at the end of this content.
Microsoft PowerApps

Microsoft Flow Basics & Approval Workflow Improvement Project

This article shows a simple approval system using Microsoft Flow and the blueprint of the system. By seeing an actual op...
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Delegation Skills and the 4-Step Process

"Delegation" may not be a major topic, but if a company doesn't proactively encourage managers to delegate their tasks, ...
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Business Strategy Framework From ‘Management Revolution Textbook’【Excel Template】

Once a good business strategy is in place, other right strategies can be set up. This article introduces a practical, bu...
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How to use Balance Sheet in household accounting【Excel Template】

This article explains the difference between a Balance Sheet and Income Statement and help you understand why household ...
Toyota Production System (Lean Manufacturing)

Toyota’s Procurement Policy and the KEIRETSU Strategy

Toyota has established a "Purchasing Guideline Policy" consisting of 14 articles in 1937. We can learn Toyota's purchasi...
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How to use Net Present Value (NPV) and Return On Investment (ROI)【Excel Template】

For an investmnt analysis, using ROI% is famous, but also use Payout Time and Cumulative NPV (Net Present Value) as well...
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Learning Multiple Regression Analysis with an SEO Example【Regression Analysis Series 3】

This article explains Multiple Regression Analysis using my SEO activities as example and a Dummy Variable for Qualitati...
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Simple Regression Analysis Interpretation (Excel Data Analysis Tools)【Regression Analysis Series 2】

This post explains how to interpret results of Simple Regression Analysis using Excel Data Analysis Tools. You'll learn ...