Data Analysis

How to interpret the result of the Two-Factor Anova, Part 2: P-Value

This article is about how to interpret the results of Anova, including P-value, and connect it to our action. In order to understand P-value, you have to understand the concept of 'Null Hypothesis'. This article explains the P-value and Null Hypothesis visually easy to understand manner.
Data Analysis

What’s ANOVA? (Analysis of Variance Basics) 【Excel Data Analysis Tools】 Part 1: Get the results quickly

With Anova, you can identify if there is significant difference among the data groups. This article explains the basics of Anova and demonstrate the Two-Factor Anova using Excel's Data Analysis tools.
Other Business Skill

CapEx Management that improves capital investment success rate

Proper CapEx Management will include good guidelines and tips, and how to increase the success rate of your investment. This video explains how to do CapEx Management step by step.
Microsoft PowerApps

【PowerApps】How to set up a camera feature in a PowerApps app (Add Picture Control)

This article demonstrates how to set up the Add Picture Control, how users would use it in their mobile device. It'll also explain 'Collection' where you can temporarily store your image in your app.
Toyota Production System (Lean Manufacturing)

Toyota’s Hoshin Kanri (Strategy Management)

Hoshin Kanri is Japanese (Strategy Management). Hoshin Kanri as a method was initiated by Toyota in the 1960s and has spread worldwide. This article explains how Toyota does the Hoshin Kanri and what the difference between Hoshin Kanri and Goal Management.
Microsoft PowerApps

【PowerApps】How to use a Drop down Control and the difference from a Combo box (Distinct, Sort Functions)

This article is about Microsoft PoweApps' 'Drop-down' control and the differences from a 'Combo box' control. The Distinct and Sort functions are often used with the Drop down control.  I'll explain those functions too.
Microsoft PowerApps

Free PowerApps Community Plan and my PowerApps video direction

This article shows Mike Negami's PowerApps video direction from now on and how to use PowerApps for free at the end of this content.
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