Lean Six Sigma / DMAIC

Top 5 Common Mistakes in Lean Six Sigma Projects and their Solutions

This article explains the top 5 common mistakes in Lean Sigma projects and their solutions. Let's learn from other people's mistakes and how to avoid them. This video also introduces templates and videos made in the past that can be used as solutions.
Microsoft PowerApps

【PowerApps】 What does “Delegation” mean? Also, the issues with using Excel as a database

In order to make a robust app, you can't avoid 'Delegation' in PowerApps. This article explains the concept of the Delegation in an easy to understand way with images. Also, it explains the issues with using Excel as a database.
DMAIC Explanation

How to keep your project’s success【DMAIC: Control Phase】(Lean Six Sigma)

This article is about the Control Phase of DMAIC. It explains the purpose of this Control Phase and what you do would in the phase. Also it mentions the differences between QC and QA.
Microsoft PowerApps

【PowerApps】 The basics of Collection and the Collect Function and how to use them (ClearCollect、Clear、LookUp Functions)

This post is about the basics of Microsoft PowerApps' Collections and the Collect Function that is needed for the collections with a step-by-step demonstration.
5. Templates Used in Control Phase

DMAIC: Introduction of the Control Phase and My Surfing in NJ

Since I'll have an out-of-state move next week, I uploaded a very short video. It includes my surfing video. In the video thumb nail, my surfboard is flying!
Data Analysis

How to interpret the result of the Two-Factor Anova, Part 2: P-Value

This article is about how to interpret the results of Anova, including P-value, and connect it to our action. In order to understand P-value, you have to understand the concept of 'Null Hypothesis'. This article explains the P-value and Null Hypothesis visually easy to understand manner.
Data Analysis

What’s ANOVA? (Analysis of Variance Basics) 【Excel Data Analysis Tools】 Part 1: Get the results quickly

With Anova, you can identify if there is significant difference among the data groups. This article explains the basics of Anova and demonstrate the Two-Factor Anova using Excel's Data Analysis tools.
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