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Check Sheet Template and How to Use it【Excel template】

Check Sheet Template Request
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Check Sheet Template and How to Use ...

There are two types of Check Sheets. This article explains both with visual examples. I made a template of the Check Sheet for Recording. Please download and try it. I also discuss making a mobile app of Check Sheets.

(Duration: 6:15)

DOWNLOAD  ← Click this to download the “Check Sheet for Recording” template file.

What’s the Check Sheet, one of the 7 QC Tools?

Hi, this is Mike Negami, Lean Sigma, Black Belt.

I received this request recently.

“Hello Mike. Do you have an Excel spreadsheet that will track types of defect by production line?”

Chuck, thank you very much for your request.

One of the 7 QC Tools is the best to use for this. That is the ‘Check Sheet’. In order to reduce defects and increase productivity, it’s essential to grasp the current situation numerically.

So, by recording what kind of defects, how many and when they occurred, in the Check Sheet, you can investigate the cause and make solutions. Furthermore, you can track your progress afterwards.

I made a Check Sheet template too, so all the videos and templates of the 7 QC Tools were covered, I made a playlist of them. Please check them out in the link below.

The Check Sheet Template for Recording

Check Sheet for Recording Template

The image above is the Check Sheet template. You can record daily for a week from Monday to Sunday. Type your process name, measurement period, place and the person in charge in the middle, and possible defect names in the left column. Then, you’re good to go for recording.

DOWNLOAD  ← Click this to download the “Check Sheet for Recording” template file.

In practice, you would print this out on paper, give it to each worker and ask them to count the numbers of defects using this paper.

Then, you would collect all of the papers daily or once a week and enter the total numbers of each kind of defect in this Excel sheet. Then the summary results will appear by day and defect type.

Also, if you press the ‘Pareto Chart’ button on Cell M30 and scroll up, it will automatically create a Pareto Chart as well as a Bar Chart. This clarifies which defect is the most frequent.

Check Sheet's Bar and Pareto Charts

PowerApps’ App of the Check Sheet for Recording

Actually it’s more effective if you do this with PowerApps which I am recently into.

It’s very cumbersome for workers to count defects with a pen and paper.  I made this sample app, with PowerApps.

Defect Recording App 1
Defect Recording App 2


I would install it in workers’ phones.  When a defect occurs, the worker needs to just tap the name of the defect. The occurrence day and time and the name of the phone holder will be collected automatically.

Also, by tapping the ‘Analysis Result’ button here, all of the app holders can get the analysis result, live. (See the image below.)

Defect Recording App 3

This handiness and speed is amazing, isn’t it? PowerApps is a process improvement innovation.

What’s the Check Sheet for Checking?

Now let’s return to the topic of the Check Sheet. There are actually two types of Check Sheet. The one we discussed is the ‘Check Sheet for Recording’ and the other one is the ‘Check Sheet for Checking’, which some people call it ‘Checklist’.

Check Sheet for Checking

As shown in this image, it’s a very simple table that has a list of items to be checked and a column where to put a check mark after completing it. It’s easy to make, so I didn’t make its template. It can be used as an SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) too. Since you see the progress of which ones you haven’t done yet, it will prevent you from overlooking them.

Of course it would become cumbersome and less efficient if we make a Checklist for all the regular work and obligate all the workers to put check marks.

However, this Checklist is quite effective for less frequent tasks and important tasks where mistakes are not allowed.

If you have tasks that have some issues because each worker works differently, it’s a good idea to review their standard procedures once and make this Checklist.

PowerApps’ App of the Check Sheet for Checking

As for PowerApps, I envision that by making Checklist apps with PowerApps it will dramatically improves company standardization.

It often happens that an SOP was created and distributed, but it’s buried by other documents or emails. Also since too many SOP’s were created, they are not utilized well.

If you organize all SOP’s and put them in an app, they will be very handy and accessible for all employees whenever they are needed. Since the progress of the check marks can be recorded seamlessly in the cloud, it enables managers to monitor the SOP usage very easily. Also, you can create inspection forms and have managers use them and monitor the inspection results as well.

I concluded this episode with PowerApps, but the theme was the Check Sheet. The Check Sheet is very simple and invented a long time ago, but there are still plenty of opportunities to use it. Please try to use it and you’ll find it to be very powerful.

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