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Screenshot Tool: Snipping Tool (MS Windows) Tips that You Can Use Everyday

Screen Capture Tool: Snipping Tool (MS Windows) Tips that You Can Use Everyday
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Screenshot Tool: Snipping Tool (MS W...

Screenshot Tool: MS Windows’ Snipping Tool. I use this tool everyday. You can increase your efficiency by using this Snipping Tool. This episode will show you how to launch the Snipping Tool, basic usage and tips that you can use everyday.

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This is really useful!  Windows’ Screenshot Tool: Snipping Tool

Hi, this is Mike Negami, Lean Sigma Black Belt.

Do you use the Snipping Tool?  Even though this is a default Screenshot tool in MS Windows, it may not be well-known.  I use this tool everyday.  Introduce this tool to your friends and they’ll appreciate you very much.

Here are instructions to start using the Snipping Tool: Click your Windows start button.  Type “Snipping” in the search box, then click the icon and your screen will become whitish.

Click and drag anywhere you like on your screen.  That area’s become image data and you can easily paste it anywhere else.  When you used a screenshot from your keyboard, it would include unneeded area. I like this tool more because I can snip only the area I need.

This screen tool’s very useful applications

I use it most when I explain something, such as data or analysis in an email.  I snip and paste the subject that I’m explaining about below the explanation.  When you snip something on a spreadsheet, if you include not only cells, but also their “Headings” as well, then you can use cell addresses in your explanation.

For another application, let’s say you’re reading a long article online.  When you’re reading towards the end and want to refer the data table that appeared at the beginning, instead of scrolling the page up and down, just snip the table and put it by the area you’re reading.

I also use this tool often when I have to interrupt reading for something else, so I record the last sentence as a bookmark by snipping the area.  I have many occasions to make training manuals and I use this tool a lot.

Another idea, you may want to jot down some information like telephone numbers or addresses from the internet, you should definitely snip that.

Snipping Tool’s other useful functions

Snipping Tool

When you want to snip something else, click ‘New’ rather than clicking the closing ‘X’.

You can save the image as an image file like jpg with this button (To Save the Snipped Area).  I make image files of my video’s thumbnails by this very tool.

You can copy the image again with this button (To Copy the Snipped Area) for pasting it again.

By clicking this button (To Send it by Mail), you can send the image by email.

Since you can use this tool everyday, right-click on that icon on the Task Bar below and select “Pin this program to taskbar”.  Then you can start using this tool just by clicking the icon from now on.

What do you think about this tool? I’m sure there are more application ideas.  Please write your practices and share with us in the comment section below.

We’ve learned a really useful tool, the Snipping Tool today.  Thank you very much for viewing. Please click the ‘Subscribe’ button.  Also click and watch my other related videos.  Thanks.

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