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How to unclog a sink: Remove the root cause and achieve fundamental solutions.

How to fix a clogged sink: Remove the root cause and achieve fundamental solutions
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How to unclog a sink: Remove the roo...

We will discuss the importance of solving the root cause through how to fix a clogged sink. Even if the detergent is poured from above, the clogs will not dissolve completely, so they will clog soon later. That is the root cause, and the fundamental solution is to remove the pipe and remove the blockage directly. I’ll do it today.

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About home improvements, root causes and fundamental solutions today

Hi, this is Mike Negami, Lean Sigma Black Belt.

I would like to discuss the importance of solving root causes. The target process today is at home.  Please look at this. This is one of my home sinks. It’s really clogged.  Until now, I’ve bought and used plumbing liquids for many years to fix this.

However, it just gets clogged again in a short time. This has been a repeating cycle.  I considered the situation deeper this time. “Why did it get clogged so soon?”

I assumed that since solvent is poured from the top and it didn’t melt all the clogs, the remaining clog caused more clogs to build up in the future.  That is the root cause, and the fundamental solution is to remove the clog completely out of the pipe. I’ll try that today.

How to unclog a sink step by step

I’ll need only paper towels and a small bucket for this.

I put the bucket under the sink since dirty water will come out. I can detach the curved part of the pipe just by hand.  Dirty water is coming out. It really stinks.  Look at this clog! This could not be melted completely by a bottle of solvent.

Next, remove the pin in the back and take out the bar that connects to the sink plug on top.  Since you’ll re-assemble these parts later, you have to remember their structure.  I should’ve removed this first because the smell from the pipe is horrible!

After taking out the bar underneath, you can take out the plug from the top.  Look at this. All of the clogs we saw before came out!  Wash this pipe and the plug from the top in the other sink.

First, put the pipe back in the original place.  Rather than tightening one side completely, it’s easy to tighten both sides in turn in several times.

Then put back the bar and pin to their original positions.  The plug from the top and the bar are structured like this inside the pipe.  It may take a little time, but do your best to put them back on.

Always deal with root causes

I took about 20 minutes . Look at this, completely no clog.  I won’t need to do this again for a long time.  What do you think? You just saw the impact of fundamental solutions.

There is something I wonder: even though we can fix this so easily, “Why do the solvents sell a lot?”  What other issues have we passively allowed to continue instead of solving the root causes?  Please give us your comments.

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