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The completion of a project and announcement of the free Mentoring Program

The completion of a project and announcement of the free Mentoring Program
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The completion of a project and anno...

This article will summarize the project by showing you the deliverables made for each milestone. I’ll make an announcement offering you a mentoring program.

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Summary of the current Mentoring Program Project

Hi, this is Mike Negami, Lean Sigma, Black Belt.

Today is the last article of my mentoring program project.  This project was aiming at the goal of “My client wants to create a system that can output information and tools that can be used by his sales team by utilizing accumulated data.”  The following is what we’ve done:

We made a list and selected a project with the four-quadrant marketing analysis,

4 Quadrant Marketing Analysis

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made a project charter for clarifying purpose and goals,

Project Charter

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made a WBS and Gantt Chart for the project schedule.

WBS and Gantt Chart

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We also listed the required functions for the target process with the 5-How analysis,

5 How Analysis

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designed the new process flow with SIPOC analysis and Value Stream Map,

SIPOC Aanlysis and VSM

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then finally completed the KPI dashboard.

KPI Dashboard

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The lessons learned from this project

It’s been six months since we completed the new system and it’s been in operation. The standardization of the company’s business flow has also progressed, and actual sales have increased.

YOY Result

This chart shows year-on-year rates of their recent monthly sales. The last month especially shows 64% increase. Here are my client’s comments.

“Gathering scattered data in one place and developing the KPI Dashboard were the keys to our success. Those enabled us to review our last month’s results and activities, and make action plans for the new month based on that review. Indeed, that is our PDCA Cycle.”

My client also said this: “Now, I’m able to foresee my business well by conducting the Define Phase.”

This is an achievement bigger than that sales increase because he built a stronger company constitution with which we can expect further growth in the future.

I asked him for more feedback from the project and received the following comments:

“With this system, we can deal with problems before they become big.”

“Although there are many project management and Lean Sigma tools, it’s important to think about which tools to choose and how to use them in order to make the PDCA Cycle work.”

“It’s very important to clarify the purpose of the project at the beginning with a project charter. Many events outside of our scope occurred, but I could re-focus our plan by reading the project charter each time.”

When I talked with my client, he mentioned the word, “PDCA Cycle” many times. He even said “Everything is a PDCA cycle.  I agree with that. My job at work is, in a sense, to nurture the PDCA Cycle and its culture in every department.

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Lastly, he and I examined the project charter once again and confirmed that we completed all objectives, then we closed the project. Summarizing the project, it was a big success.

An announcement offering you a free Mentoring Program

For me, I could make 8 articles from this mentoring program and show you through those Articles that Lean Sigma can achieve a lot, even outside of manufacturing operations, so I’m very satisfied.
I would like more people to have a successful experience with Lean Sigma, which means I’ll continue the mentoring program.

So, would some of you like to start a Kaizen project and improve your business or even hobby by learning and using Lean Sigma? I would like to help you as a mentor for free.  For me, I would like to make some good articles through that project. However, more than that, I would like you to learn and practice the contents of PMP and Lean Sigma.

Although we would communicate only via e-mail, again, I would like to do this for free. Like today’s client, you can be anonymous if you choose.

If you are interested in this offer, please contact me through the contact page of my blog site,, by clicking the link below and let me know you’re interested in applying for the program.

<<Apply for the Free Mentoring Program>>

Then, I’ll let you know the next step including asking you to download the project charter template and make your project’s charter and send it to me. I’m really looking forward to seeing what kind of project we can do if you’re selected for this exciting program.  If you have any questions about this program, please write them in the comment section below. Your question is everybody’s question.

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