5. Templates Used in Control Phase

5. Templates Used in Control Phase

Check Sheet Template and How to Use it【Excel template】

There are two types of Check Sheets. This article explains both with visual examples. I made a template of the Check She...
5. Templates Used in Control Phase

SOP 5 Steps: How to Write Standard Operating Procedures【Excel Template】

How to write an SOP, which stands for standard operating procedure. This video will demonstrate composition instructions...
3. Templates Used in Analyze Phase

Xbar-R Control Chart: Let’s make it with Excel and Spanish Template【Excel Template】

We’ll learn a Control Chart from the Control Chart Excel template. The important point about Control Chart is how to use...
4. Templates Used in Improve Phase

The 5 Steps of How To Draw Flowchart【Excel Template Practice】

The Flowchart is the most popular tool among the 7 QC tools. Today's topic is the 5 steps of how to make a flowchart. Al...
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