PMP Exam

1. Templates Used in Define Phase

4 Step of PMP Risk Management Basics and Learn them with an Excel template with Heat Map

The purpose of Risk Management is to prevent risk from occurring, and if it occurs, to minimize the damage as much as po...
Project Management

Newest Information about the PMP’s Renewal Rules and the differences between PMP, PMI and PDU

PMI changed the PMP’s renewal rules from Dec. 2015. I’ll share the newest information about it. I’ll also explain the PM...
1. Templates Used in Define Phase

How to Conduct Stakeholder Management (Registration, Analysis, Execution) 【Excel template】

The article is about Stakeholder Management. Its important processes are: Stakeholder Registration, Analysis, Engagement...
Data Analysis

【What are the 7 QC Tools?】 Flowchart, Histogram, Pareto Chart: These are all the 7 QC Tools.

(Duration: 5:12) << Related Videos >> How to write a Histogram and How to use Stratification 【Excel Temp...
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