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Analyze Phase

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Toyota Production System (Lean Manufacturing)

8 Wastes of Lean: How to Eliminate Wastes Thoroughly【”The Lean Farm” Book Review】

This post explains the 8 Wastes of Lean. Addition to Toyota's 7 Wastes, The 8th Waste, ‘Employee's unused creativity’ wa...
Other Business Skill

How to unclog a sink: Remove the root cause and achieve fundamental solutions.

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DMAIC Explanation

DMAIC: The Analyze Phase – Figure out “What’s Wrong and Why?” (Lean Six Sigma)

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Data Analysis

【What are the 7 QC Tools?】 Flowchart, Histogram, Pareto Chart: These are all the 7 QC Tools.

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DMAIC Explanation

【What is DMAIC?】 The Kaizen Projects’ Winning Pattern (Lean Six Sigma)

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