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Gantt Chart

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DMAIC Explanation

DMAIC: 4 Steps of the Improve Phase – vol. 2 【How to make a transition plan】(Lean Six Sigma)

This post explains DMAIC's Improve Phase - 2 of 2. Step 3 is “Make a transition plan to move to the new process smoothly...
1. Templates Used in Define Phase

How to write a Gantt Chart – an essential project tool. 【Excel Template】

(Duration: 5:04) DOWNLOAD  ← Click this to download the "Gantt Chart" template file. << Related Videos >> ...
DMAIC Explanation

DMAIC: Define Phase – Define your project for success 【The US PMP Situation】 (Lean Six Sigma)

(Duration: 4:25) << Related Videos >> How to write a Project Charter - Business Plan for Projects 【Excel...