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Strategic Thinking

Articles bout Strategic Thinking

Toyota Production System (Lean Manufacturing)

Toyota’s Hoshin Kanri (Strategy Management)

Hoshin Kanri is Japanese (Strategy Management). Hoshin Kanri as a method was initiated by Toyota in the 1960s and has spread worldwide. This article explains how Toyota does the Hoshin Kanri and what the difference between Hoshin Kanri and Goal Management.
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Business Strategy Framework From ‘Management Revolution Textbook’【Excel Template】

Once a good business strategy is in place, other right strategies can be set up. This article introduces a practical, bu...
Other Business Skill

Capacity Planning Definition. Let’s discuss its essence.

Capacity Planning is the process of determining the company resources needed by an organization to meet changing demands...
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4-Quadrant Marketing Analysis and How to Create and Select a New Marketing Project【Excel Template】

In this article, I'll introduce the 4-Quadrant Marketing Analysis, and how to create and select a new marketing improvem...
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Can we use Lean Six Sigma for marketing strategy?【Market Positioning Template】

This post will discuss if Lean Six Sigma is effective for Marketing strategy and introduce the definition of Marketing a...
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How to Make a SWOT Analysis and the Project Selection Matrix【Excel Template】

(Duration: 4:10) DOWNLOAD  ← Click this to download the "SWOT Analysis and Project Selection Matrix" template file....