Process Mapping / Process Analysis

3. Templates Used in Analyze Phase

【Improved!】Cycle Time Measuring Excel Tool: Measure multiple operators simultaneously.

Many viewers gave me comments and suggestions about the Cycle Time and Production Leveling template. So now, A new impro...
Process Mapping / Process Analysis

【VSM Case Study】Value Stream Mapping, Common Issues from SIPOC Analysis and VSM

(Duration: 4:32) << Related Posts >> How to make a SIPOC Analysis for understanding your process 【Excel ...
4. Templates Used in Improve Phase

The 5 Steps of How To Draw Flowchart【Excel Template Practice】

The Flowchart is the most popular tool among the 7 QC tools. Today's topic is the 5 steps of how to make a flowchart. Al...
2. Templates Used in Measure Phase

How to Measure Cycle Time and Conduct Heijunka (Production Leveling)【Excel Template】

(Duration: 5:37) DOWNLOAD  ← Click this to download the "Cycle Time Measuring and Production Leveling Tool" file. ...
3. Templates Used in Analyze Phase

4 Steps: The 5-Why Analysis Using the Ishikawa Diagram【Excel Template Practice】

(Duration: 5:26) DOWNLOAD  ← Click this to download the "Ishikawa Diagram" template file. << Related Videos >> ...
3. Templates Used in Analyze Phase

How to Conduct 7 Wastes +1 Analysis and Non-Value Analyis【Excel Template】 (Lean Six Sigma)

(Duration: 4:07) DOWNLOAD  ← Click this to download the "Value Stream Mapping" template file. << Related Posts >...
Process Mapping / Process Analysis

VSM 5 Steps of Value Stream Mapping 【Excel Template】

With this Value Stream Map, you can see the big picture when you analyze your current work flow situation. Also, when yo...
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