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Lean Six Sigma / DMAIC

Articles about Lean Six Sigma / DMAIC

Lean Six Sigma / DMAIC

Top 5 Common Mistakes in Lean Six Sigma Projects and their Solutions

This article explains the top 5 common mistakes in Lean Sigma projects and their solutions. Let's learn from other people's mistakes and how to avoid them. This video also introduces templates and videos made in the past that can be used as solutions.
DMAIC Explanation

How to keep your project’s success【DMAIC: Control Phase】(Lean Six Sigma)

This article is about the Control Phase of DMAIC. It explains the purpose of this Control Phase and what you do would in the phase. Also it mentions the differences between QC and QA.
6. Templates Other Usage

8D Problem Solving: Great for Process Improvement【Excel Template】

The 8D Problem-Solving is utilized in process and product improvement. I made a template for the 8D Problem-Solving. Thi...
DMAIC Explanation

Difference between DMAIC and DMADV, and DMADV’s Application Example【Lean Six Sigma】

DMAIC is used for improving existing processes. However, what can you do if you need to make a totally new process? In t...
Lean Six Sigma / DMAIC

Process Capability Basics, Cp and Cpk Deference and Unilateral Tolerance

The calculation for the Process Capability Index is “Your process's CTQ Specification Interval divided by 6 Sigmas". It ...
Lean Six Sigma / DMAIC

CTQ Tree Case Study: Convert Customer Needs to CTQ, Critical To Quality【Mentoring Program】

(Duration: 4:52) DOWNLOAD  ← Click this to download the "CTQ Tree Analysis" template file. << Related Vide...
DMAIC Explanation

DMAIC: 4 Steps of the Improve Phase – vol. 2 【How to make a transition plan】(Lean Six Sigma)

This post explains DMAIC's Improve Phase - 2 of 2. Step 3 is “Make a transition plan to move to the new process smoothly...
DMAIC Explanation

DMAIC: 4 Steps of the Improve Phase vol. 1 【Review the 1st half of Project】(Lean Six Sigma)

The Improve Phase consists of 4 steps. The first 2 steps, which are "1. Review all deliverables that were made through t...
DMAIC Explanation

DMAIC: The Analyze Phase – Figure out “What’s Wrong and Why?” (Lean Six Sigma)

(Duration: 4:53) << Related Videos >> 【What is DMAIC?】 The Kaizen Projects' Winning Pattern DMAIC: Me...
2. Templates Used in Measure Phase

How to utilize VOC 120% using a CTQ Tree 【Excel Template Practice】

(Duration: 4:24) DOWNLOAD  ← Click this to download the "CTQ Tree" template file. << Related Videos >> CT...