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6. Templates Other Usage

8D Problem Solving: Great for Process Improvement【Excel Template】

The 8D Problem-Solving is utilized in process and product improvement. I made a template for the 8D Problem-Solving. Thi...
DMAIC Explanation

Difference between DMAIC and DMADV, and DMADV’s Application Example【Lean Six Sigma】

DMAIC is used for improving existing processes. However, what can you do if you need to make a totally new process? In t...
Lean Six Sigma / DMAIC

Process Capability Basics, Cp and Cpk Deference and Unilateral Tolerance

The calculation for the Process Capability Index is “Your process's CTQ Specification Interval divided by 6 Sigmas". It ...
Lean Six Sigma / DMAIC

CTQ Tree Case Study: Convert Customer Needs to CTQ, Critical To Quality【Mentoring Program】

(Duration: 4:52) DOWNLOAD  ← Click this to download the "CTQ Tree Analysis" template file. << Related Vide...
DMAIC Explanation

DMAIC: 4 Steps of the Improve Phase – vol. 2 【How to make a transition plan】(Lean Six Sigma)

This post explains DMAIC's Improve Phase - 2 of 2. Step 3 is “Make a transition plan to move to the new process smoothly...
DMAIC Explanation

DMAIC: 4 Steps of the Improve Phase vol. 1 【Review the 1st half of Project】(Lean Six Sigma)

The Improve Phase consists of 4 steps. The first 2 steps, which are "1. Review all deliverables that were made through t...
DMAIC Explanation

DMAIC: The Analyze Phase – Figure out “What’s Wrong and Why?” (Lean Six Sigma)

(Duration: 4:53) << Related Videos >> 【What is DMAIC?】 The Kaizen Projects' Winning Pattern DMAIC: Me...
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