The 5 Steps of How To Draw Flowchart【Excel Template Practice】

The Flowchart is the most popular tool among the 7 QC tools. Today’s topic is the 5 steps of how to make a flowchart. Also try the free Flowchart template from the link in this post.

(Duration: 5:19)


DOWNLOAD  ← Click this to download the “Flowchart” template file.


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DMAIC: 4 Steps of the Improve Phase vol. 1 【Review the 1st half of Project】(Lean Six Sigma)

The Improve Phase consists of 4 steps. The first 2 steps, which are “1. Review all deliverables that were made through the Analyze Phase.” and “2. Design a new business process that would achieve total optimization.”

(Duration: 5:07)


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