2. Templates Used in Measure Phase

Gage R&R: the Easiest Gage R&R Template to Use in the World! 【Excel Template】

Today's topic is Gage R&R, the most common method in MSA. This article explains a very difficult topic in an easy-to...
Data Analysis

For the PDCA Cycle, which one would you use, an Ad Hoc Analysis or a Pre Set Analysis?

Ad Hoc means "for this" or "for this situation" in Latin. Ad Hoc Analysis is an analysis for a temporary and particular ...
3. Templates Used in Analyze Phase

【Improved!】Cycle Time Measuring Excel Tool: Measure multiple operators simultaneously.

Many viewers gave me comments and suggestions about the Cycle Time and Production Leveling template. So now, A new impro...
PDCA Cycle

【Case Study】How to rotate the PDCA cycle with data analyses【Mentoring program】

The purpose of data analysis is to effectively rotate the PDCA Cycle in the target process and prompt operators’ next sp...
3. Templates Used in Analyze Phase

5 How Analysis: List and organize ideas【Excel template】Great for 5 Why Analysis too!

I use the 5 How Analysis to figure out the functions needed for a new process. With this method and template, you can ma...
Other Business Skill

5 Steps: “A Technique for Producing Ideas” (Written by James W. Young)

Whatever you're going to do, having new ideas is very important. Today, we'll learn from "A Technique for Producing Idea...
DMAIC Explanation

Difference between DMAIC and DMADV, and DMADV’s Application Example【Lean Six Sigma】

DMAIC is used for improving existing processes. However, what can you do if you need to make a totally new process? In t...
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