Toyota Production System (Lean Manufacturing)

【5S Case Study】 Using Toyota’s 5S on a farm? “The Lean Farm” by Ben Hartman – Book Review

In this post, we'll learn how to practice Toyota's 5S in farming from the book, "The Lean Farm" by Ben Hartman. He pract...
1. Templates Used in Define Phase

4 Step of PMP Risk Management Basics and Learn them with an Excel template with Heat Map

The purpose of Risk Management is to prevent risk from occurring, and if it occurs, to minimize the damage as much as po...
PC / Excel Technique

Excel: How to Sum Data by Week, Month and Year【Data Analysis Excel Skill】

Excel Date Aggregation: We need to sum data by week, month or year frequently. The easiest way is to use a work column a...
PC / Excel Technique

Excel Absolute and Relative Cell References and Autofill Function【Data Analysis Excel Skill】

You can learn the differences in Absolute and Relative Cell References with case study examples. Mastering Cell Referenc...
PDCA Cycle

The completion of a project and announcement of the free Mentoring Program

This article will summarize the project by showing you the deliverables made for each milestone. I'll make an announceme...
PC / Excel Technique

TEXT Function, which makes dates and numbers easily read and understood【Excel Skills】

Today's topic is 'The TEXT Function'. This TEXT function's role is to make dates and numbers easily read and understood ...
PC / Excel Technique

How to learn Excel functions, and look at Excel functions: SUM, SUMIF and SUMIFS

In the spreadsheet, which Excel function we should use depends on what results you want to get and the conditions of the...
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