Data Analysis

How to use the T-test and F-test in a real world【Excel Function】

Today's topic is the T-test and F-test and their Excel functions. The T-test is used to compare two data groups’ average...
6. Templates Other Usage

Use an Affinity Diagram to organize your issues/ideas.【Excel Template】

You can list up all the issues/ideas in the Affinity Diagram, organizing them by affinity and create group names easily....
6. Templates Other Usage

8D Problem Solving: Great for Process Improvement【Excel Template】

The 8D Problem-Solving is utilized in process and product improvement. I made a template for the 8D Problem-Solving. Thi...
PC / Excel Technique

Excel Macro and VBA: Fundamental Basics (Record Macro Button and VBE)

This article is about Excel Macro fundamental basics and explains how to use the 'Record Macro' button, how to edit the ...
PC / Excel Technique

How to Use Excel Pivot Table 【Screen Demonstration】

This article explains source data formats for a Pivot Table, each section of the Pivot Table's work screen - the Field L...
Toyota Production System (Lean Manufacturing)

What is the Toyota Production System? The big picture of TPS

This post is about the entire picture of the Toyota Production System (TPS) introducing 'The House of Toyota Production ...
Toyota Production System (Lean Manufacturing)

What’s Toyota’s Jidoka (Autonomation)?

This article introduces about the origin of Jidoka and Andon that was evolved from Jidoka.  It also will explain the dif...
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