Preparation Plan for PMP Exam

When PMP exam aspirants start preparing for the PMP exam, one of the problems at the beginning might be the lack of drive to study. I had the same experience even though I bought the PMBOK Guide book (and another PMP study book which ended up never being read) and an online PMP study program (this one was very helpful and I’ll post about it later: pmp exam prep)


One day I remembered that PM Prepcast had recommended making a study plan. In a sense, it’s very basic for project managers to make a plan at the beginning of a project, so I applied that to my exam preparation.

Looking back, it worked GREAT.

Here is my initial study plan. I ended up revising it several times before I took the exam.

PMP Study Plan

My basic strategy was to study one chapter of PMBOK and watch related videos from PM Prepcast each week. Since I work full time, I could study only at night and in the early morning (when my kids are sleeping) on weekdays and during the whole day on weekends.


On average, I studied a few hours a day on weekdays and 10 hours a day on weekends. The image shows my exam day as Nov. 25th, but the PMP application procedure took me more time than I expected, so I delayed it one month. I also bought an exam simulator from the same company (PM Exam Simulator).  It has 9 full length exams. I decided to take all of them before the actual exam.


I made this plan on July 14th and I took the PMP exam on December 23rd. It was a five-and-a-half month, intense journey, but I passed the exam on the first try. Funny thing, is that I bought the PMBOK book (5th ed.) on April 17th but only started making real progress after I made the plan sheet, which I referred to every day, giving me guidance and pushing me forward.

PMP Study Plan