【Improved!】Cycle Time Measuring Excel Tool: Measure multiple operators simultaneously.

Many viewers gave me comments and suggestions about the Cycle Time and Production Leveling template. So now, A new improved Cycle Time Measuring Tool template has been released! Since some issues have been fixed and an improvement to expand its application has been added, I would like to introduce those points today.


(Duration: 5:52)

DOWNLOAD  ← Click this to download the “Cycle Time Measuring and Heijunka Tool v2” template file.


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5 How Analysis: List and organize ideas【Excel template】Great for 5 Why Analysis too!

I use the 5 How Analysis to figure out the functions needed for a new process. With this method and template, you can make the ideas visible to everyone, and organize them so that they can be utilized effectively. This template is also great for the 5 Why Analysis.


(Duration: 5:27)

DOWNLOAD  ← Click this to download the “5-Why Analysis・5-How Analysis” template file.


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Xbar-R Control Chart: Let’s make it with Excel and Spanish Template【Excel Template】

We’ll learn a Control Chart from the Control Chart Excel template. The important point about Control Chart is how to use it after completing it. This video explains the “Rule Of Seven” that indicates signs of abnormality in your process.

(Duration: 4:46)

DOWNLOAD  ← Click this to download the “Control Chart” template file.


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