Data Analysis

Data Analysis

How to use the T-test and F-test in a real world【Excel Function】

Today's topic is the T-test and F-test and their Excel functions. The T-test is used to compare two data groups’ average...
Data Analysis

What is Standard Deviation? There are too many Excel functions for Standard Deviation!

This article explains 'What Standard Deviation is', 'Why it's needed', and differences between 'Population' and 'Sample'...
2. Templates Used in Measure Phase

Gage R&R: the Easiest Gage R&R Template to Use in the World! 【Excel Template】

Today's topic is Gage R&R, the most common method in MSA. This article explains a very difficult topic in an easy-to...
Data Analysis

For the PDCA Cycle, which one would you use, an Ad Hoc Analysis or a Pre Set Analysis?

Ad Hoc means "for this" or "for this situation" in Latin. Ad Hoc Analysis is an analysis for a temporary and particular ...
3. Templates Used in Analyze Phase

Xbar-R Control Chart: Let’s make it with Excel and Spanish Template【Excel Template】

We’ll learn a Control Chart from the Control Chart Excel template. The important point about Control Chart is how to use...
Data Analysis

What’s SPC (Statistical Process Control) and MSA (Measurement System Analysis)?

(Duration: 5:09) << Related Videos >> The 7 QC Tools: How to Make a Control Chart and Spanish Template【E...
Data Analysis

Dr. Edwards Deming – The Father of Quality Management in Japan【Kaizen Hero Biographies】

(Duration: 5:47) << Related Videos >> How to Utilize Data Analyses in Service Operations 【Foundation of ...
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