Two Challenges Appeared In Our Project Team

Our team established the main measurement system for our project, which is the Mess Occupation Ratio.  Now I want to inspect our apartment for how much mess we currently have, according to this measurement.  This is very important in project management – to record the current measurable status of your target process before starting improvement.  Then, as you have progress on your project, you can see your actual improvement.  This motivates your team members and helps you get recognition and support from your stakeholders.

However, I’m facing two challenges right now.  The new measurement system requires our apartment’s floor plan (See the last posting).  I need to measure our rooms so I can draw them to scale in Excel, but we can’t find our tape measure because of our previously accumulated mess.

This is another reason I want to have an organized life.  We’ve wasted a lot of time looking for something – keys, scissors, stamps, to list a few, for 18 years of our marriage.  Most of the time things will be found a little later after making a bigger mess looking for them.

The other challenge appeared when I explained the new measurement system excitedly to my team member (my wife).  She doesn’t like math.  She just doesn’t care about those systems.  She said she doesn’t mind that I do those “boring things,” but to not talk to her about it any more.  So now I have to continue our “Lean Six Sigma” home project without discussing numbers with my team member.  I modified our project charter accordingly, adding the new condition.


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