The Importance of the Stakeholder Analysis




If you are a project manager, you’ll probably have the opportunity to give a PowerPoint presentation.  Projects are usually inter-departmental or sometimes inter-group company activities.  You may require their involvement.  BUT, the problem is that you are not their boss.  They are already very busy with their own lives and workloads.  They don’t want extra work.  However, getting their understanding and their support is a key to your project’s success.

I recommend that you arrange to give all key stakeholders your presentation at the end of each DMAIC phase.  Make sure that Top Management is included.  Without their support, you will have a series of frustrating disappointments.

Before making your PowerPoint presentation, it is greatly helpful to practice the stakeholder analysis. There are many templates online.  I use QI Macros‘ template.

Basically, you consider who would or would not be supportive, and what they’d be interested in. Then you write an action plan for stakeholder strategy. Also, your PP presentation should be modified depending on which stakeholder group is the audience.

You should also keep things very simple and to the point in your presentation.  In general, audiences hate long presentations with unclear points. It’s just boring. A simple and to-the-point presentation keeps the audience interested. Another benefit of that kind of presentation is that it better achieves the presentation’s purpose – which is to gain understanding and support from the audience.

In the Define phase, the biggest priority is to get understanding and approval of the project charter from each stakeholder, so just follow the project charter contents in your presentation.

Another thing that helps is adding images and minimizing the number of words. Try putting in some charts or tables.

When you give presentations following the DMAIC framework, you may notice that sometimes the audience doesn’t remember your previous presentation.  It’s not the center of their universe.  Try adding a little recap of previous presentations, especially the Project Goal.  This should be at the beginning to make sure your audience is on the same page and help them understand the presentation more logically.

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